R&D services

  • Feasibility and proof of concept studies
  • Sensor and electronics research
  • 3D electromagnetic simulations and design
  • System design
  • Microwave electronics design using latest technologies
  • Digital signal processing, hardware, software & algorithms
  • Prototyping
  • Fast product development with a variety of Senfit platforms
  • UI software design
  • PCB lay-out design
  • Testability design
  • Reliability studies
  • Design updates/upgrades of existing products during their whole life-time

Senfit offers a wide range of R&D services in the field of microwave and radio frequency measurement instruments. Our services cover:

Microwave measurement instrument design is based on the laws of nature rather than on standards, which is the case in the telecom field. It is therefore important to begin each new development project with comprehensive research or a a proof of concept study. This lowers the costs and the risks for the customer later on.

Senfit has developed several state-of- the-art products from scratch to the final product. However, the fastest and most cost effective way to design new products is to use existing Senfit proprietary platforms. Senfit offers several ready-made platforms to be used as a basis for new customer products.

Over the years, we have developed several co-operation models to develop new products for our customers.

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