Business co-operation models

During the years, we have conducted product development projects using 3 different co-operation models with our customers:

1. “Old standard”
R&D project without using Senfit’s platforms or patents. Customer has all rights to the developed product. Production is handled separately by Senfit or the customer. Slow and costly.

2. Design based on Senfit’s platforms and/or patents
Mainly modification of the existing designs and software, added with customer customization. Senfit manufactures the product to the customer. Benefits to the customer:

  • Short development time
  • Proven technology
  • Trouble-free manufacturing.
  • Through Life Support. Senfit keeps the product updated in case of component obsolescence
  • Customer has no needs for expensive microwave instruments

3. OEM model based on Senfit’s own products
Senfit offers its own products and measurement modules for OEM branding by customers. Same instrument can operate two or more totally different applications. Licensing, resale etc. agreements possible.