Senfit proprietary platforms

Over the years, several patented sensor structures have been created: Resonators, pass-through sensors, radars etc. Many of the sensors are based on special materials such as ceramics: alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, barium titanate and titanium oxide, having permittivities from 9 to 100.

DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) platforms

  • Very fast and accurate signal generation (e.g. frequency sweeping 100 points in 300 us)
  • Various frequency bands available
  • Each frequency point locked in a stable crystal – no drifting

Phase and level measurement platforms

  • Modern telecom demodulation technology applied in measurements.
  • Superior measurement accuracy

DSP HW/SW platforms

  • Resonator F and Q measurement algorithms
  • Phase/amplitude measurement algorithm with time-gate filtering
  • Communication protocols
  • Sharc DSP

Sensor platforms

  • Instrument calibration tool (AutoCal)
  • Density compensation based on multiparameter measurement
  • PC or integrated HW