About Senfit

Senfit is a company specialized in the development of industrial microwave instruments. We have a long history and experience in this field and several examples of successful projects. We are located in Oulu, the telecom center of Finland. Senfit is owned 100% by its personnel.

Senfit has clear Mission, Vision and Values. We have more than 15 international patents and state-of- the-art simulation, design and measurement tools. Our measurement instruments cover a frequency range up to 65 GHz. 3D electromagnetic simulators have changed the sensor development process from a design-build- test loop to a straightforward simulate- build-test process.


The history of the company goes back to the late seventies when microwave technology was taking its first steps as applicable industrial measurement solutions. During the early days, Dr. Pekka Jakkula, cofounder of Senfit, launched his microwave measurement research at the Helsinki University of Technology, Finland.

The key persons at Senfit have worked together for 20 years in companies like Kajaani Electronics, Valmet Automation, PJ Microwave and Elektrobit Microwave. Senfit was established at the beginning of 2008 after a buyout of Elektrobit’s industrial microwave business.

The R&D team at Senfit has developed several successful products for leading instrument companies worldwide. In addition to industrial microwave measurements, the team has worked with telecom, space, defense and RFID- applications, which has broadened the knowledge in the field of modern high frequency electronics.


Our success is based on combining unique knowledge and long experience in industrial microwave measurements with the latest development of microwave digitalization and signal processing technologies in order to help our customers succeed by delivering the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective microwave measurement solutions.


Senfit is the selected and most respected technology and product partner in microwave measurements of the world’s leading instrumentation and automation companies in their industry sectors.

Senfit values

Honesty and mutual respect

We are honest and keep what we promise
We work with high ethics and mutual respect


Closeness to the customer
Deep expertise in industrial microwave technology and related signal processing
Continuous improvement of personnel’s knowledge and processes

Senfit spirit

Humble in the face of new challenges
Entrepreneurship and willingness to succeed together with our customers
Refusing to compromise in achieving goals and on high quality
Maintaining good humor and joy of working

Senfit Oy
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90590 Oulu, Finland

+358 40 510 9000