With more than 40 years experience in microwave and radio frequency measurements, Senfit is the preferred development, manufacturing and OEM partner for global measurement and automation companies. Devices designed by the Senfit team have been sold for over €300M in various industries around the world.

Our products help the end customers to optimize their processes and save money, energy and the environment for the next generations.

Senfit’s technology is commonly used in measuring the water fraction of a large variety of different materials–solids, liquids and gases–in numerous industrial processes. If you have challenges with moisture levels, please ask us for a solution with microwave technology.

The applications cover more than just water detection. Microwave radars detect the distance, location or movement of objects. One example is our non-contact thickness gauge for flat metals, Exigo, which measures the thickness of conductive sheets with micrometer accuracy. Exigo is available for OEM sales.

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