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Senfit is dedicated to provide measuring and control solutions that are based on high performance microwave technology.

Our products are moisture, solids content and consistency sensors and analysers for various industrial processes.
The applications base is biomass power production, pulp & paper, agriculture and food chain and wastewater treatment. 

The sensors are the cores of measuring systems in all cases. In order to suppply complete solutions we offer a series of sampling and sample preparation products.

We utilize microwave methods in various combinations in all of our products. The method chosen to each product depends on which gives the highest measuring performance to monitor and control the process. The basic phenomenon in most measuring solutions is different dielectric constant of solid material compared to water.

Specialty and core of signal synthesis and processing is a fully digital electronics that offers the highest speed, stability, accuracy and lifetime. The measuring modules are used in connection with the actual sensors to create electric field into the material measured.

The company is located in Oulu, Finland which is the city of high frequency technology also well known on the field of wireless telecommunication..

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